Student Employee Hire Process

Student Employment Eligibility

In order to be considered for a Student Employee position, a student must be a University of Arizona student enrolled in at least 6 units. Audited courses do not satisfy this requirement. Non-UA Students will need to be hired via a University Staff position.

Please review the Student Employment Manual for additional information.

Student Group Categories

Student Group B: Undergraduate and graduate students may be hired into Student Group B. Experience required for these positions can range from little or no previous training or work experience to one to two years of college or one to two years of comparable experience, preferably in a specific area of study. Work is performed under close to general supervision. Student Group B workers may lead other student workers. This category may not be used for students performing research or instructional duties normally associated with a graduate assistant/associate position.

Student Group C: Qualified upper-level undergraduate or graduate students may be hired into Student Group C. Positions require extensive training or experience andadvanced knowledge at the upper undergraduate or master’s level, or three to four years of comparable experience. Work is performed under general direction; requires considerable knowledge of a discipline; and entails exercising independent judgment and decision making in the development of new procedures, techniques, systems, or equipment. Licensing or certification by a state agency may be required. Generally, these positions involve supervision of other student workers. This category may not be used forstudents performing research or instructional duties normally associated with a graduate assistant/associate position.

Student Group D: Student Group D is applicable to graduate students who perform work similar to a graduate assistant/associate position but do not hold a graduate assistant/associate position because they will be completing their graduate degree mid-semester and leaving the University. Required experience and qualifications are comparable to graduate assistant/associate positions. This category may not be used if the student is not leaving the University mid-semester or will be continuing their studies in the subsequent semester.

Current Pay Ranges

Student Group B $13.00 - $15.50
Student Group C $13.00 - $22.50
Student Group D $13.00 - $28.00



  • Discuss at department level, including Account Manager, need and feasibility of hiring a student employee
  • Inform Research, Innovation & Impact Employee Services (via the completed Student Hire Request) of the potential hire by emailing Employee Services
    • Form must be completed with hiring authority signature* AND funding confirmation from Account Manager
    • At least 3 business days are requested from receipt of the signed and funding confirmed form and start date of the new employee
      • Please note:  Research, Innovation & Impact's Employee Services may request more processing time for these transactions during peak processing times (May, August, December, January).
    • If the student has a Federal Work Study Award, please forward the paperwork along with the completed Student Hire Request form for processing by emailing Employee Services
  • Research, Innovation & Impact Employee Services receives the completed form and performs the following tasks:
    • Check for student enrollment
    • Check for additional employment
      • If additional employment, calculate total FTE and ask department to reassess if combined FTE is greater than UA Student Employment Manual thresholds
    • Locate an available vacant Position Control Number (PCN)
    • Create a Position Control Number (PCN) if one is not available
    • Fund Position Control Number (PCN)
    • Email the student employee with new hire instructions
    • Create system transactions needed to add Position Control Number (PCN) to student employee’s profile (either job change or new hire)
    • Work directly with student to schedule an appointment for I-9 and E-Verify processes and discuss new hire information (not specific to employment at department level but as a UA student employee)
      • This appointment takes about 10 -15 minutes
      • This appointment must be completed on or before the first day of work
    • Research, Innovation & Impact Employee Services completes the Federal Work Study Award form and routes to Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid as well as Workforce Systems, when applicable
    • Research, Innovation & Impact Employee Services notifies contact person that the student's employment eligibility is verified and is clear to begin working
      • If not, then steps are added to ensure eligibility or to replace candidate

*Hiring authority varies by department for student employees, please check with your management to determine who that is for your area