Employee Services

Welcome to Research, Innovation & Impact (RII) Employee Services!

At Research, Innovation & Impact (RII) Employee Services, we believe that all employees deserve the highest quality support during their employment at the University of Arizona.

We liaise with Human Resources to assist you in navigating the many employment policies and procedures.

University Staff

The University Career Architecture Project (UCAP) is underway for an FY2020 implementation goal.  For all the information on how UCAP will affect your position and to stay updated with the latest news, please visit the UCAP website!

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Recruitment and Search Committees

We are here to support your hiring needs and ensure all the correct procedures are followed and a smooth process ensues. All individuals must complete all hiring processes and be fully approved before they can begin work!


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Leaves and Sabbaticals

Research, Innovation & Impact's (RII) Employee Services team will be your liaison with central Human Resources when requesting and managing leave requests of all kinds.  Please click the link below for more information.


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Other Compensation

In addition to regular base pay there are other options available to pay for one-time or short-term work.  

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Visa Applications

You are hiring an employee who has requested sponsorship for a visa or have a current employee who needs a visa extended.  What do you do?

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Covid-19 Resources

Resources for Covid-19

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Are you leaving the UA?

Check out these resources for leaving the UA

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