Promotions and Compensation

Promotions (Incumbent Reviews) and Compensation

Requests for promotions or compensation changes require the following documentation:

  • HR Compensation Mapping Form - used for assessment and mapping (recommend downloading before completing the fields)
  • Employee Resume
  • RII Personnel Request Form 
    • ​​​​​​Justification (Please enter under Rationale/Justification field in the Smartsheet submission form) Please include rationale and supporting information as applicable such as:
      • Why a promotion and/or increase is being requested
      • Explain how job has changed since hire or last promotion
      • Identify new duties and responsibilities
      • Identify new skills and/or abilities the employee has developed
      • Address bring to equity factors, if any (within unit/college/campus)
      • Impact/benefits to unit
      • Explain how the rate being requested fits with Compensation Guidelines (see Managing Within Pay Ranges on page 8)

Increase <5%:  Justification memo is required; mapping form and resume are typically not necessary. 

Increase 5% or greater:  Memo, mapping form and resume are required.  

Visit JDXpert to view University Staff jobs.


  • Promotions:  University Staff promotions are submitted as Incumbent Review and route to HR Compensation.  24-48 hours to route through RII approvals once all required documentation and information is received by RIIES.  Expect a 4-6 week response time once package is routed to HR (time dependent on campus volume).  
  • Compensation Increase request only:   10-14 days depending on size and complexity of request.

Please reach out to RII Employee Services staff for further assistance as needed.