Promotions (Incumbent Reviews) and Compensation

Requests for promotions or compensation changes require the following documentation:

  • HR Compensation Mapping Form - used for assessment and mapping (recommend downloading before completing the fields)
  • Justification Memo - please include rationale and supporting information such as:
    • Why a promotion and/or increase is being requested
    • Explain how job has changed since hire or last promotion
    • Identify new duties and responsibilities
    • Identify new skills and/or abilities the employee has developed
    • Address bring to equity factors, if any (within unit/college/campus)
    • Impact/benefits to unit
    • Explain how the rate being requested fits with Compensation Guidelines 
  • Employee Resume
  • RII Personnel Request Form - request from Employee Services

If requesting a change to compensation without promotion up to 5%  the mapping form and resume are typically not necessary.  For requests more than 5% a mapping form and resume are required.  As review process begins additional forms or information may be required.  The RII Personnel Request From and the justification memo are required in all cases.

Submit all documents as one package to

Visit JDXpert to view University Staff jobs.

Please reach out to RII Employee Services staff for further assistance as needed.