Budget Templates

 Below are various options for budget templates available for your use depending on your project needs.

*Simple 1 year budget template-for short term projects 1 year or less with option for cost -share information.

*Multi-year budget template- for projects with 1+ years with escalation of 3% on all salaries, and 8% escalation on tuition.  Also includes with option for cost share information.

*Industry/Private for-Profit Business budget template- presents budget line items with Facilities & Administrative (F&A) costs included or “fully loaded amounts” – (item + associated Facilities & Administrative (F&A) costs)            

Once the budget and justification are final and a draft project summary/Scope of Work (SOW) is provided, Research, Innovation & Impact Business Center (RIIBC) Pre-Award team can initiate routing in the UAccess Research (UAR) system.  Please be aware that UAccess Research (UAR) routing can take a few days depending on the number of investigators and approval levels involved so, plan accordingly.  See timeline information.